Seeking HCI-related Projects for Cornell University Student Teams

Seeking HCI-related Projects for Cornell University Student Teams

This fall, the Cornell University Department of Information Science is inviting outside organizations and companies to connect with advanced level undergraduates by proposing projects for the Cornell Human Computer Interaction Studio (IS 4420).

This opportunity offers original solutions to concrete problems in Human Computer Interaction (HCI), combined with the chance to network with aspiring HCI experts who are about to enter the job market.

Selected projects will be executed by students from September to December 2012. For each project, students will prepare:
       – a medium to high fidelity prototype of the proposed design;
       – an extensive report documenting the design rationale;
       – the result of the initial evaluation of the design;

The class will consider application oriented projects as well as more exploratory projects.

Examples of application oriented projects include the redesign of a reservation site for a concert hall, or the design of a smartphone application to promote an active life-style.

Exploratory projects are more open-ended, often considering the impact of a given technology on user experience. One example is the CHI’13 Design Contest (, which focuses on the possible use of crowd-sourcing in design.

For best results, each submission should:

        – Focus on HCI-related problems
        – Provide a clear set of goals
        – Be suited for a semester-long team project (2-3 students/team)
        – Include a point of contact for the team to clarify design requirements. For a typical project the sponsor should expect to schedule 3-4 meetings during the semesters (either in person or via Skype);

If your organization or company would like to submit a proposal, please contact Francois Guimbretiere ( as soon as possible to discuss next steps.

Final proposals will must be submitted by early September.

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