Hey everyone!

Last week we had an Iconathon where Kelton taught us the basics of Adobe Illustrator and best practices for icon design.


Kelton goes over how icons communicate information

What are the defining features of an idea we are communicating? Kelton explained that while the idea can be complex and specific, the icon that is perceived must be simple and universal.

Imagine you had to show to an alien what humans are like. Each person’s face has unique features, but if we want to represent people as a whole all we need are two eyes, one mouth, and one nose. The point of using an icon is to show the most important information.

Now, what are the defining features of a mustache? For the Iconathon, each of our designers made a mustache to put what they learned about icons and Illustrator into practice. The winner’s mustache will be in our final CUxD icon!


Our designers working hard on their mustaches

Our final winner will be announced at our next meeting! Thanks Kelton for an awesome session!

Ashley Sams | President

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